Our Team

We have a great team here at HMR Circle - here's a quick introduction to them and their role within the organisation:

Mark Wynn - Director

Date Joined Circle: 10th December 2012

Main Role Description: Business Planning &  Development, strategic planning

Leanne Chorlton - Operations Manager

Date Joined Circle: 11th April 2013

Main Role Description: Social Events Calendar, finance administration

Kim Ho - Special Projects Officer

Date Joined Circle: 23rd September 2014

Main Role Description: Coordinating & delivery of 'Full Circle' Project with RBH

Mary Burke - Volunteer Drivers Service Coordinator

Date Joined Circle: 1st February 2018

Main Role Description: Coordination of the HMR Circle Volunteer Drivers Service.

Paul Pullinger - Freelance Practical Helper

Date Joined Circle: 17th August 2018

Main Role Description: Practical Help (Gardening, DIY etc)