At HMR Circle, we are keen to monitor and evaluate the work that we do, to find areas for improvement and to identify good practice, and to evidence that what we do really works!

In this section you will find official research reports regarding the work of HMR Circle and the Volunteer Drivers Service.

Volunteering with HMR Circle

A quantitative study carried out by Anna Kalugin of Manchester Metropolitan University, concerning volunteers at HMR Circle, the impact on their lives and the lives of our Members.

The Impact of the Volunteer Drivers Service

A quantitative study carried out by Emily Brown of Manchester Metropolitan University, concerning how the Members use the service and in what ways it has postively impacted their lives.

The Circle of Life

A quantitative study carried out by Bobbi Effanga of Manchester Metropolitan University, concerning social isolation in the older population.

Being a Member - The Impact

We conducted an externally verified survey of 200 of our HMR Circle Members to find out how being a Member impacts on their lives.

The Power of People

This report, conducted by 10GM, highlights the impact of people powered health projects across the whole of Greater Manchester. This particular report focusses on the work of HMR Circle.


Conducted by GMCVO, this research looked at the approaches to co-production by a number of organisations based in Greater Manchester and analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of such an approach.