Code of Conduct

Everyone who offers their services voluntarily to make our organisation a successful and friendly place in which to enjoy what is on offer, should be treated with common courtesy and respect. HMR Circle & the Volunteer Drivers Service will not tolerate in any way, aggression or verbal abuse towards any of its Members, staff, volunteers or otherwise, under any circumstances.

We kindly ask that everyone is treated courteously at all times and maintains a respectful attitude towards the opinions of others and abides by our Member Code of Conduct set out below.

Member Code of Conduct 

The Member Code of Conduct clarifies the standard of behaviour expected from each Member, including Members of Staff and Volunteers. 

HMR Circle & Volunteer Drivers Service (VDS) Members are expected to conduct themselves appropriately, and are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect.

Members are expected to know, follow and promote the principles of HMR Circle & VDS at where appropriate.

Members must always act in the best interests of the HMR Circle & VDS, and strive to uphold its reputation and never do anything which could bring HMR Circle & VDS into disrepute or expose it to undue risk. 

Members are expected to use HMR Circle & VDS resources responsibly and only to further its stated charitable objects/purposes. 

Members are expected to reflect the current organisational policy of HMR Circle & VDS regardless of whether it conflicts with their personal views. 

Members are expected to abide by the HMR Circle & VDS procedures and practices.

Members are expected to treat each other fairly, and with dignity and respect at all times.

What happens if I don’t follow the Code of Conduct?

Where someone doesn’t follow the Code of Conduct, or it is believed you have acted in a way that breaches the code, including Staff Members and Volunteers an independent representative from HMR Circle & VDS Staff Team will investigate. Depending on the severity of the breach, it may lead to your membership being suspended or withdrawn or disciplinary action taken against a Staff Member.